Cost-effective household

By virtue of the City Assembly’s Decision of October 2011, citizens who have regularly paid their utility bills shall be exempt from paying a housing – utility bill for a single month.

Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA” Novi Sad started an action called “Cost-Effective Household” aiming at the promotion of positive attitude to utility system as well as exempting the citizens of Novi Sad who regularly pay their utility bills from paying a monthly bill.  From the very beginning, the above action has clearly defined conditions for winning a gold ball (timely payments of utility bills in a period of previous six months, as from the due date in a current month) and gaining credits (per date of bill payment and the amount paid, retirement status or subsidized user – maximum credit score is 25 per month).

Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA” Novi Sad has come up with the idea and engaged resources both professional and financial in its implementation. Cost – Effective Household has grown into a successful project because the collection rate rose by more than 5% on one hand and encouraged users to pay their utility bills regularly, on the other.