Information technologies

Thanks to human resources and contemporary, optically interconnected Data Centres designed in accordance with the standard ISO 27001 pertaining to the management of information safety, IT Department successfully completes entrusted tasks: development and maintenance of the Integral information system of the City of Novi Sad, development and maintenance of the General Information System (GIS) of the City of Novi Sad (population registers, organization registers and registers of spatial units), IT support to public utilities and services of Aggregate data processing and billing for public utility services, development and maintenance of the information system of Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA“, digitalization of cultural heritage of the City of Novi Sad, Internet service providing, making Web applications, making and hosting Internet presentations, development of E-City Administration.....Data Centre Services such as space hosting, data housing, server housing are yet another segment of activities performed by IT Department.

  1. Service for Designing and Programming Software Solutions and Information Systems
  • General City Information System – OREG
  • Information System of City Administration
  • Information Systems and Software Solutions for Public and Public Utility Companies
  • IBS (INFORMATIKA Billing System)
  • WEB presentation and WEB Modules
  1.  System Software and Administration Service
  • Designs, generates, implements and maintains system and hardware segments of servers,
  • Designs, generates, implements and maintains system DB software,
  • Provides for the smooth operation of storage systems and other backup systems,
  • Optimizes and consolidates server systems
  • Develops and maintains server security system.
  1. Digitalization Service
  • Organizes the reception of artefacts that have previously been conserved and performs the digital scanning process
  • Performs primary processing of their own digital material, marks and catalogues it.
  • Performs text preparation and OCR analysis with final text editing and authorisation.
  • Prepares and generates Meta Data, organizes, authorizes and attaches them to the original.
  • Generates original version and prepares archiving, secondary working draft versions and versions for the external use.
  • Organizes collection and sustainable feed of digital material into project segments.
  • Posts and constantly updates archive material of the City of Novi Sad on the portal –